It started off as a mantra when Jacqui was going through a time where she did not recognize herself whenever she looked in the mirror. Saying "Damn, girl. Damn." on a daily basis kept reminding her physical transitions are a never ending loop, but what makes her is her heart and soul. 
Later on, whether it was to hype herself up while training for a race, before presenting at work, or whenever she felt the imposter syndrome, "Damn, girl. Damn." has become a staple statement in her life. Soon enough family and friends started to use "Damn, girl. Damn." for their own reasons.
What started off as a mantra has evolved to a lifestyle brand.

The 5 core values of DGD:

1. Dare to be you. Remember there's no one like you.
2. Give back to your community. We will donate a percentage of each purchase to the Jacqui Bonilla's Pursuit of Art Scholarship. This scholarship will be given (starting in 2025) to a graduating student(s) from Brentwood High School, Long Island.
3. Movement is free medicine. Sweat ain't hurt nobody.
4. Quality over quantity. In a world filled with noise and stuff, it's important to be intentional.
5. Spread JOY! It's contagious.